Western Cape

SpineCor Brace Fitters in the Western Cape, South Africa

The SpineCor Brace fitters that are listed on this page have decided to use SpineCor for their patients for a variety of reasons. These braces have been researched to enable patients to continue normal daily activities, and they are lighter and more comfortable to wear than a traditional rigid brace. The use of these braces have not been linked to muscular atrophy.

If you are a patient or a family member of a patient and would like to find out more or book a fitting, you can either click here to contact us, or reach us using the contact details below.

If you are a medical practitioner and would like to discuss the usage of the braces or how we can benefit each other, you can click here to contact us, or use the contact details below.

Moira Robertson

(Western Cape)

Registered Chiropractor
M.Tech Chiropractic (RSA)
Accredited Scoliosis SpineCor Fitter (UK)
International Certificate in Sports Chiropractic (AUS)

Virginia Way Offices
0 Hamman Street
Western Cape

+27 76 883 9526