Scoliosis Bracing


Recent studies have established the effectiveness of scoliosis bracing as early, non-operative care that can statistically reduce the number of patients with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis that progress to high-risk curves.

McAviney et al. research concluded that there is evidence to suggest that spinal brace/orthosis treatment may have a positive short – medium term influence on pain and function in adults with either progressive primary (de novo) degenerative scoliosis or progressive idiopathic scoliosis.

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Scoliosis Bracing Treatment

Within our centre we have a special interest in bracing treatment for scoliosis using a 3 dimensional dynamic brace called SpineCor as well as rigid bracing.

Treatment for scoliosis is managed according to the patient’s condition and presentation. Every scoliosis case presents differently so the management of each case is unique. Bracing is currently chosen as the non-surgical treatment for idiopathic scoliosis. This method is chosen to prevent the curve from progressing as the spine continues to grow. The treatment plan needs to be made by a qualified brace provider, and you can book an appointment with us here.

Brace Fitters

All our brace fitters are qualified and experienced in treating scoliosis and we make it our priority to ensure you as a patient get the best possible care related to your condition.

If you are a medical practitioner and would like to learn more about dynamic or rigid bracing for your adolescent or adult patients, please feel free to contact us. If you would like to learn more about scoliosis bracing for your family member or yourself, contact us here..

Research Studies

Learn more about how the SpineCor brace has performed in research studies by clicking here. There are a number of research studies that have focused on adolescent and adult idiopathic scoliosis.