These are some of the testimonials that we have received regarding the SpineCor braces.

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I was first diagnosed with Idiopathic Scoliosis when I was 14 years old. I developed an S-curve with a 40 degrees curvature on my upper body and 32 degrees on my lower body. My parents and I were very worried when we were told by the doctor that I may have to go for operation. We worked and prayed hard to find an alternative solution that does not involve surgery. God answered our prayers when a chiropractor introduced us to SpineCor and from that day onwards I never looked back.

Initially I thought the SpineCor braces would limit my activities, but I was wrong. I love to dance and enjoy sports such as rock climbing. The braces are so flexible that after a while it feels like my second skin. I could dance and do rock climbing in it. I could wear normal clothes as the braces are fitted tightly to my body and cleverly concealed under my clothes. Unlike the other braces, SpineCor is quite suitable for our climate as I did not feel uncomfortable wearing it even in places without air conditioners. SpineCor has turned out to be the support I needed most. I felt secured and strong with it as it strengthened my posture and spine. In fact, it lessened my back and muscle pain whenever I did my daily routines. I never thought I would be so dependent on it. Whenever I was not wearing it, I felt a big part of me was missing. Now I am almost completely weaned off the braces and only wear it whenever I have backaches. Even though my spine will not be perfect, but my curvature has improved and I am no longer considered a high risk case that requires surgery.

I received a lot of support from friends, family, chiropractors and also the staff at the chiropractic centre that I went to and I would like to thank them especially Dr Moira Robertson who has been with me from the beginning until now where I still go to see her for my regular reviews.

When I was 13, I was diagnosed with scoliosis. I was recommended by my mom’s friend to use Spinecor instead of the regular hard brace. After, discussing the options with my parents I decided to go with Spinecor.

Looking back, I’m really glad that I made that decision. My doctor’s cheerful personality, patience and guidance was crucial in easing my fears about scoliosis and worries about using the brace. Additionally, she made sure that I was able to master using the brace properly right from the beginning. When I first started using Spinecor, I was really scared that it would be very bulky, and everyone would know that I was wearing a brace. However, the brace fitted me very well, and I was able to wear the clothes that I wanted to wear while still wearing the brace.

The Spinecor brace provided the support that I needed while being very comfortable. At times, I had even forgotten that I was wearing it. Furthermore, I was able to easily participate in sports and other activities, and the brace did not hinder my performance in any of these activities at all.

I got off the brace when my bone reached maturity. Overall, I was very satisfied with the Spinecor brace, and I’m really glad that I chose it over other brace options.

I was first diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 13. My chiropractor introduced and suggested me to try on SpineCor soft bracing. At first, the thought of having braces makes me worried as I thought it would limit my daily activities and routine. I thought wearing braces would separate me from my favourite sports like badminton but after wearing it for a while, my perspective changed. The brace is really flexible which did not limit me from doing anything.

I was in the afternoon session in my secondary school that time, and as you know, Malaysia is a hot country all year round. Wearing the brace makes me really uncomfortable, as I get sweaty and sticky, especially when I have sports in the morning in school before classes. The bands would rub against my skin making it to peel off due to the friction. So I started using powder with helps to minimise the friction and helps to dry my skin when I’m sweaty and sticky. As time goes by, I have gotten used to the brace. It helps to strengthen my posture and spine as well as prevent it from developing worse.

Now I’m 17 and free off brace for almost 2 years. So far I’m not experiencing any backache at all. I have chiropractor appointment once every few months and will meet up with Dr. Moira every half a year to have regular reviews. I would like to thank my family, friends and Dr. Moira for the continuous support all these time.

I found out that I had scoliosis when I was 12 when the school nurse examined each and every one of our backs during a health check. They gave me a letter and insisted that I have a more thorough check up. The doctor that I met recommended me for a brace where I got my first fitting into my brace. Fortunately, I caught this young and had time to prevent the degree of my back from aggravating any further. I certainly did not enjoy wearing the brace one bit and some back pain came along with it but it was worth the trouble as I am now out of the brace with the degree not progressing anymore. I certainly would recommend anyone who has scoliosis to get fitted into a brace as soon as possible.

At the age of 11, I was diagnosed with scoliosis and spondylolisthesis. I had great difficulties walking for long distances because the shift in my spine stretched my hamstrings. I have worn the SpineCor brace for approximately 3 years, and it has made me able to walk with no discomfort and has definitely improved my posture. Wearing the brace has made a huge positive impact on my life as I am now able to live life without discomfort.

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