Duncan Jack

KwaZulu – Natal, South Africa

Dr Duncan Jack

Dr Duncan Jack

MTech: Chiropractic (SA), MCASA
PGC: Sports Science (BUD)
Authorized Scoliosis Brace Fitter: SpineCor (UK)
I am a chiropractor based and practicing in Durban, KZN. I have a keen interest in improving a patient’s physical condition and abilities, whether that patient is a peak-performance athlete or an elderly individual whose goal is to remain self-sufficient.

I appreciate and enjoy taking on challenging conditions holistically, looking at both spinal and extremity functionality. This stems from having a questioning mind and being presented with highly varying and challenging cases throughout 24 years of Martial Arts and over 12 active years in Lifesaving.

Following my academic study at the Durban University of Technology, I received the accolade of perseverance through adversity (DUT) and South Africa’s best performing intern (CASA). This encouraged me to go beyond the norm to achieve the best possible care for patients, which led me to discover SpineCor and the life changing benefits it can offer patients with scoliosis

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